This is going to be tougher for me than I thought, this whole thing with SARS-CoV-2 and social distancing. I’d pretty quickly gotten my head around the idea that I’d have to call off my weekly trip to the zoo, but — ironically, given both my particular autistic spectrum and my introversion — the idea that I need to look at my other, very few “out and about” activities is proving a tougher sell. I am trying to focus on the weather forecast I saw for the next week here in Portland, which looks to be in the high-50s, which means I’ll try to replicate the walk I took the other evening. I need to find good spots around St. Johns where I can just take my own travel mug of coffee and my Kobo and sit and read. I’ve often wondered if Signal Station Pizza minds if people use their picnic tables for activities other than eating their pizza? The thing for me and my brain is while “predictability” is important, it tends to be predictability of the sort which I control — that’s the cognitive rigidity flip side here. You’d think that “just stay home” and “if you do have to go out, keep it simple and keep your distance” in a sense would be appealingly predictable, but the reality is that my inflexibility is about external forces; I’m plenty flexible if it’s about what I want to do. So, yeah. Surprisingly, although maybe it should not be, this is going to be tougher for me than I thought.

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