I’m in a miserable state of mind because the maintenance request system my landlord uses rather than using the add-on to the resident portal they could use instead resulted this morning in my lurching out of bed to be ready for a plumber the system told me was arriving in twenty minutes despite just yesterday having set the appointment for tomorrow at 10:00am not today at 10:00am. So I had to scramble to be ready despite not yet being out of bed because morning inertia is heavier under the Mirtazapine while also sending messages asking what the hell was going on and, honestly, saying they were hurting me. Despite the message that sent me scrambling, it turns out the appointment is still for tomorrow, the system just didn’t let them delete the existing item saying it was today, a fact which they didn’t tell me about yesterday. But then even that turned out to be wrong because they then message saying they were able to delete it. Behind all this is the background that when the appointment-making began yesterday, they offered me two options and then told me after that the system requires them to enter a choice for me of at least two times even if they themselves intend to only actually offer one; which is how an initial appointment for today got entered into the system to begin with: I’d replied to the text asking me to choose. I am very tired, very angry, and very mentally aflounder. And I’ve told the landlord as much.

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