There’s a followup of sorts to my story about my first-ever username. Once upon a time, during the Ruby Vroom and Irresistable Bliss eras of the late and lamented Soul Coughing, the song “True Dreams of Wichita” was a particular touchstone for me because for a time I’d lived in Williamsburg and used a lyric in a short story I’d written in and about the late and lamented Williamsburg restaurant Oznot’s Dish. Other users from MindVox had taken to yelling, “Play ‘Wichita’ for slowdog!” at Soul Coughing concerts as far away as the U.K. Mike Doughty did, in fact, once reply, “We’re playing it all for slowdog!” None of this, so far as I know, has anything to do with why Doughty long ago blocked me on Twitter.

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