Today might have been the first evidence of the mirtazapine’s influence beyond its side effects, as my breakfast trip was my first-ever visit to Your Inn Tavern, and first-ever visits of course are anxiety-inducers. While it’s true that I circled the place from several different walks about of adjacent streets because the “open” sign wasn’t on even though all the online listings said it opened at 10:00am, and tryng the door is the sort of thing in that situation that I need to talk myself into, that long-way-around process only carried a slight twinge in the chest. At no time did I experience what I think of as Elephant Foot (that sensation of firm and building pressure on one’s chest that feels like it’s coming from the outside, not the inside). Nor did anything beyond a twinge form when I finally did open the door, go in, and sit down. I don’t want to overplay it, because while I’m only just now in the period where the mirtazapine should be having an impact upon my anxiety, this is the only situation so far that would typically present a risk of overt anxiety signs since I started on it. So, we’ll see.

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