So, I’ve had such mixed feelings about Picard, because they keep walking right up to the line of how he’s, you know, kind of a pompous, entitled, self-important ass who also represented an increasingly out-of-touch power, but then not following through. He keeps encountering people he himself or he as a representative of the Federation screwed over, but as long as he makes mournful, apologetic noises, these wronged people just fall right back in line behind him. That was frustrating enough as it was on its own, but then Raffi puts herself in the same position regarding people from her past whom she’s wronged…and she’s rejected out of hand; nothing she can say is enough. Someone will say I’m making too much here, but it’s hard to avoid the optics: the old, white male authority figure continues, repeatedly, to get whatever he wants, even from people whose lives he’s ruined or, worse yet, ignored; while the black woman on her very first go of it is brushed off, pushed away.…right back to Picard, no less; he wins again.

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