Currently shaking from having hyperfocused myself well past needing to supplement the pancake and bacon I had at Slim’s with some additional nutrition. I went out for bar breakfast because this morning I awoke still somewhat fatigued from yesterday’s fatgue, and then came home and worked on that review of Lurking, and when I was done I had that depleted feeling of chills and whatnot. I’ve inhaled a bowl of cereal while getting a can of soup on the stove to heat up, and then I think as soon as that’s had, I need to go be horizontal in a dark bedroom for awhile.


  1. Leveling out after the soup. Hyperfocus-created hunger is sort of a catch-22, in that any effort you need to make to eat something only makes the weakness worse. It snuck up on me because I had finished breakfast just before noon and I didn’t expect to run out of so much steam by 2:00pm.

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