At some point seemingly in every debate, someone, usually Buttigieg, hits Medicare for All over its tax increase. Sanders, usually, tries in response to argue that total costs go down. Is there a reason not a single moderator ever injects themselves to ask the obvious and very simple question: If, indeed, total costs go down, does it matter that the costs which remain are being paid in the form of taxes? As near as I can tell (I did skip two debates, so correct me here if I’m wrong) not one moderator has bothered to ask Buttigieg that question, and it seems like it’s literally the crux of the matter.


  1. I just feel like Buttigieg shouldn’t be let off the hook on this. It’s not hard to see what he’s doing: he’s cynically playing the “taxes are inherently bad” card, which is not a card a Democrat ever should play.

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