In discussing which medical records voters do or don’t have the right to see, Jill Filipovic touches somerthing of a disability rights third rail when it comes to political campaigns and elected officials.

[…] I can’t help but think it’s relevant if a person who is seeking to run the United States and be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces has a history of serious mental health crises and non-compliance with medication that make it difficult or impossible to do their job. I’m not sure that’s ableist any more than saying someone with a history of untreated or under-treated but largely invisible physical health problems that compromise one’s ability to physically perform certain kinds of labor are relevant to certain types of employment. […]

She’s right, and it’s what I’ve been saying. It’s not, per se, the mental disability that’s at issue, but the question of whether or not the candidate or official is foregoing treatment in a compromising way.

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