All you really need to know about this ridiculous Neal Simon piece arguing that a Romney/Bloomberg ticket is what “America deserves” is that Simon, according to his Wikipedia page, has “described his fiscal positions as being closer to that of the Republican platform and his social positions as closer to those of the Democratic platform”—a logical incompatability that’s at the heart of most if not all so-called “centrist”, “independent”, or “moderate” thinking. The social positions of the Democratic Party in fact fundamentally are at odds with Republican economics; you literally cannot engender Democratic social positions using Republican fiscal positions. What’s really happening with most “centrist”, “independent”, “moderate” thinking is an insistence that one’s actions don’t define one’s character, only one’s (professed and purported) beliefs do. This sort of “independence” is nothing more than a psycholgical grift hiding harsh rightwing policies behind a hollow empathy cosplay.

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