Andrew Weissmann was just on The Rachel Maddow Show arguing that the dissolution of the rule of law under Attorney General Barr isn’t a Democratic or Republican matter, because, effectively, members of both parties have in the past when it comes to the rule of law operated in good faith and with fairness. Which is all well and good, but it ignores the demonstrable fact that the present-day Republican Party has wholesale bought into the Trumpism under which Barr is operating. Weissmann’s attempt to “neither-side” this is just the flipside of the nonsense that is both-sidesism. It very much is a political and partisan matter right now, and that’s entirely the fault of the Republican Party for abandoning even any semblance of good faith and fairness, and all Weissmann is doing is giving them an out they not only haven’t earned but one on which they’ve decidedly turned their backs.

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