So I was in bed until 11:30am, pulled myself up and out for cheap bar breakfast, came back after for sitting on the couch with the laptop, had to go back to sleep at 2:30pm, and then about two hours later woke up weak and shaky because I’d been sleeping instead of having a second meal for the day. I’m now awake but too out of it yet to be able to get up and find and consume some sort of food. How much of this is stuff I sometimes experience anyway and how much of this is the drowsiness and fatigue of the mirtazapine?


  1. I managed to get up and have a bowl of cereal, and honestly feel like I could eat two more but I’m practically out of rice milk.
  2. I managed to get out to the store and replaced easy-prepare stuff and picked up some additional easy-prep stuff, in case I’m in an adjust period.