They’re clamping down. The last four updates in the Winno app in their “Trump probes” section all relate to Roger Stone, all within the last twenty-four hours.

  • Prosecutors have asked a judge to sentence Trump associate Roger Stone to seven to nine years in prison. He was found guilty last year of witness tampering and lying to Congress.
  • The Justice Department plans to reduce its sentencing recomendation for Roger Stone. Trump called the seven- to nine-year proposal “very horrible and unfair”.
  • Mueller prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky has resigned from the Roger Stone case after the DOJ said it was seeking a lighter sentence.
  • Mueller prosecutor Jonathan Kravis has also withdrawn from the Roger Stone case and resigned as an assistant U.S. attorney.

I wonder if Susan Collins is still successfully snowing the press with the grift of her aspirational musings that Trump has learned his lesson.


  1. A third prosecutor, Adam Jed, has withdrawn from the case. News reports seem confused on the issue of whether or not he also resigned.

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