Is there a write-up somewhere of Bookshop as compared to IndieBound? Are independent bookstores embracing Bookshop or are they pointing at IndieBound and going, “Um, hello?” What’s the rationale behind a site not run by the American Booksellers Association versus one that is? It’s not entirely clear to me from reading the former’s About page and the latter’s FAQ page. Is it just the matter of Bookshop letting users sert up their own shops and recommendation lists? Bookshop’s orders are fulfilled through Ingram; who fulfills IndieBound orders? I’ve a vague recollection of finding a book on Bookshop that wasn’t showing up on IndieBound, but I can’t remember what it was, or if it was just user error.


  1. Somtimes I write out loud and then find answers myself afterward. For example, here is the ABA announcing its “affinity partnership” with Bookshop, and here is Bookshop announcing that “’s direct sales function will be replaced with Bookshop”.

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