Not sure if I’m going to make the switch, …

Not sure if I’m going to make the switch, but I’m going to spend the weekend, I think, with the blog theme changed to the partial rework of Marfa that I’ve been puttering around with lately. Really, in some ways what I’m playing with is backing away from several of the template hacks and/or shortcodes I’ve been using, because it all was starting to be more complicated than my brain needs things to be right now.


  1. The only prominent template hacks that remain, really, are the stuff I did to conform the design of Archive and Photos pages to other pages, and the auto-generated Now page stuff. If I like it, I’ll clean up the revisions which are a little messy and piecemeal right now.
  2. One thing I will lose in my desire to revert to simplicity is the lightbox I had working, because the way I had it set up required some class and data-gallery selectors on img tags and that depended upon something this design ditches.

Author: Bix

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