There are a number of things worth noting about the latest Dan Hon newsletter, not the least of which is the Vonnegut quote I’ve cited before (while discussing Eighth Grade, of all things) as one of my top-two literary quotes.

It’s through Hon that I learn of this Twitter discussion about how not all people have an internal narrative of words, and I swear to god that’s like learning humans are comprised of two distinct species, and part of me doesn’t even want to to try to comprehend what it’s like not to have that ongoing internal story of words. (I wonder, has there ever been a study on how mental health issues impact each type of person?)

Hon notes that the discussion off that initial tweet was somewhat akin to those MetaFilter at its best has been known for, and therefore exemplify the power that still remains on this “global communications network now exists that’s cheap enough or in some cases even free to access, offering a pseudonymous way for people to feel safe enough to share a private experience with complete strangers”.

Also, I’m reminded therein that I am losing steam to discuss Joanne McNeil’s Lurking, which I’ve put off because I first want to finish Bulding and Dwelling: Ethics for the City, which I’d interrupted for the NcNeil.

I’m reminded not just because Hon mentions the book but because he wishes to “create more spaces where people can learn and hear what is it like to be you”—how we use of the word “space” being the thing I want to write about when I get to blogging the book.