It’s not a common experience for me during The Good Place but I’ve some pretty mixed feelings about tonight’s episode of “the smartest, dumbest show on 📺”, because the solution Team Cockroach conceived was fhvpvqr (yes, I am using rot13 for spoilers), and that should have sparked at least a brief philosophical lesson from Chidi about the moral implications. No one ever even actually admitted that was their solution. In the early days of the show, it definitely would have had that discussion, or at least a historical tour of what different philosophers thought about it, and I’m a bit confused—and now that I write this I guess also at least a little miffed—that the show’s forgotten that it once stuck its face right into those thorny questions. Now that the decision’s made, I can’t especially see themselves devoting any time to that moral issue after the fact when they’ve only got the one episode left in the series. So, I guess that’s it, then. I’m curious now to see whether or not the panel on tomorrow morning’s edition of The Good Place: The Podcast digs into it at all.

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