It looks like maybe we aren’t misunderstanding Dave Winer after all, as he’s freely admitting to “rethinking” RSS. Per his earlier posts on this, what’s really happening is that Winer has copped to being a newsletterer, not a blogger; it’s just that he writes his daily email newsletter out in the open as he goes. I’m a bit baffled about some of what he says, though, since there’s nothing about RSS or JSON feeds that require all of one’s blog posts to be title-description-body. It’s also a bit weird to suggest that rss wasn’t right for tweets, given that much early blogging in fact was short posts that, of course, also appeared in one’s RSS feed. (It was, you know, microblogging, which is what Twitter does, or, at least, did.) In fact, there’s a small group of indieweb people who are using feed readers such as Feedbin to read Twitter accounts rather than reading them via, you know, Twitter. That said, there’s nothing wrong, per se, with re-exploring blogs as a form or RSS as a delivery mechanism. I just don’t quite understand what’s prompting this particular bit of relitigation.

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