After around a year of trying to obtain it, I finally am reading the report from the “consultive exam” I had to undergo through Disability Determination Services as part of my Social Security benefits claim. Right off the bat, the guy commits a basic factual error, stating that I was moving to “John’s Landing” when I was moving to St. Johns. So, this will be an interesting read, I guess?


  1. Factual error after factual error in this report. and yet his diagnostic opinion about my condition is supposed to be relied upon, and was relied upon, by Social Security to deny my benefits claim.
  2. He has me moving to John’s Landing, says my mother was present for my original diagnosing, says that through the goats nonprofit I was doing one visit a week to places like senior centers. All of this is factually wrong.
  3. I literally have to stop every half a page just to regroup because as I read this thing I’m having an anxiety attack laced with anger about these errors.
  4. The hilarious part of this report is where he says I was dealing with Adjustment Disorder but that would probably go away after the big nonprofit move. Three months later I had an epic meltdown at the goat field, got judged for it, and quit the thing I’d spent five years doing. And it’s been stumbling and bumbling and flailing ever since.

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