In the end, I was pleased with the 📺 version of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. I”m sure I could think of a thousand things from the original that I wish had found their way in, but Berlanti et al had to do their own thing in the context of the Arrowverse, and for me it almost entirely played well and paid off. Maybe the only thing I needed to see by the finale (and they provided it) was a proper and hopeful closure for the Christopher Reeve rendition of Superman as incarnated by Brandon Routh, who we’d last seen doing his best to live a life in the shadow of the deaths, well, of basically everyone close to him. Admittedly, I wish they’d used the Spectre a little more dramatically—that’s where I’d wanted to see a giant Anti-Monitor: battling a giant Spectre at the dawn of time. The one thing to read in the aftermath is Variety’s report on just how the one, particular, super-secret cameo came together at the last possible minute.

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