Colin Walker noticed that increased commitment to writing increased desire to tinker. I’ve had a similar experience, although as I said I don’t actually or especially enjoy the tinkering, as it frequently results in much aggravation and frustration before any solution to what I’m trying to do arises (if one arises at all). One thing I’ve noticed about tinkering on is that the built-in community on its social side helps when it comes to tinkering, whether you’re seeking answers ot have an answer for someone else.

Kimberly Hirsh, meanwhile, explains the whys of blogging what gets blogged, and I’ve found—for me—that on balance I’d find it too overwhelming to post every time I watched something, let alone listened to something, because I watch so much. My approach is to post when I start a new 📖 (and therefore also finish one), and to post a weekly look-ahead at what I’ll be watching on 📺 (with the occassional individual post if I have something specific to say about something).