So, I ordered food and litter from Chewy in order to start the tracking experiment on usage, so I can figure out a more or less fixed budget on routine 🐈 costs, and because I was having litter delivered instead of having to carry it, I ordered a big pail of not lightweight litter, and the weirdest thing is happening. Since adopting a second cat a couple years ago, I switched to having two litter boxes. Neither 🐱 claimed a particular box; it just made it more likely that there’d be a box at all times each felt was usable. Since this recent switch to the non-lightweight litter, neither cat has bothered to use anything but the nearer of the two boxes. Even after I switched their positions, no one’s used the box that is just beyond the closest one. I can’t explain it, except perhaps as a result of the heavier litter being better, as far as they are concerned, and so neither one feels they need to use the “other” box.

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