After geting trapped in pre-telephone appointment …

After geting trapped in pre-telephone appointment about anxiety anxiety and then post-telephone appointment about anxiety anxierty, and at the risk of just walking into a whole other arena of and for anxiety (and at the certain risk of budgetary anxiety), I got dressed and took myself to where I have bar breakfast for bar lunch, and then immediately upon returning home, since the Chewy delivery had arrived, dumped the litter, cleaned the litter boxes, swept and mopped the floor of the litter area, then refreshed the litter, and now I can’t tell if I still have anxiety symptoms or am just exhausted, tired, wiped, and sad-feeling, which I think isn’t necessarily so much sad as a manifestation of the exhausted, tired, and wiped.

Author: Bix

The unsupported use case of a mediocre, autistic midlife in St. Johns, Oregon —now with added global pandemic.