If there’s one thing that annoys me the most about Meru, 🐈 number one, is that she’s routinely uninterested in things until and unless Willow, 🐱 number two, is interested in them. This most commonly comes in the form of never wanting to curl up on the blanket that’s next to me on the couch until Willow decides she does. And it’s very clear that even if Meru isn’t making a specific move directly to oust Willow from the blanket, any move she makes to try to also get onto the blanket—well, she knows it’s going to have the indirect effect of making Willow ticked off enough to leave. I’d be perfectly happy—ecstatic, even—for the two of them to both sleep on the blanket at the same time even if completely ignoring each other, but the chances of that happening still are too low to be recognized as a number. I don’t want to get mad at Meru, and I don’t, although I will gently nudge her away—but even that I hate because I feel like it’s teaching her that being next to Willow is bad. I just want them to feel free to ignore each other in proximity instead of Meru feeling like she’s got to cause a problem or Willow feeling like she can’t be there if Meru joins her.

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