“Backchannels accommodate neurological …

“Backchannels accommodate neurological pluralism,” writes Ryan Boren, “while fostering the serendipity of networks.” Serendpity, indeed, as also today Paul Bausch linked Basecamp’s guide for internal communications. When I read Basecamp saying things like “writing solidifies, chat dissolves”, “the expectation of immediate response is toxic”, “communication shouldn’t require schedule synchronization”, “time is on your side, rushing makes conversations worse”, and “communication is lossy, especially verbal communication”—well, let’s just say that I’m reminded that for all intents and purposes I’ve suggested that email as a psychotherapeutic channel might “accommodate neurological pluralism”. By all means, let’s “bring the backchannel forward”.

Author: Bix

The unsupported use case of a mediocre, autistic midlife in St. Johns, Oregon —now with added global pandemic.