I’m about to buy both 🐈 food and litter, and I need this time around to track how long each lasts and how often the re-up happens, because if I can switch to a regular Chewy delivery that will help in a few different ways. Right now, though, I have no idea how much I’m technically spending every month on this, because I always forget to pay attention to it. This is complicated by my cats’ new veterinarian suggesting that with both cats now technically being considered seniors, I should be adding wet food to their diet; I don’t see any way to do that without increasing costs, which isn’t an option. So, first step: determine what I’m paying every month as it is.

ETA: The potentially-fatal flaw in the Chewy idea is that on my next-to-nonexistent budget, being able to smooth out costs between two different halves of the month often is a life-saver. I’m not sure it’s feasible to pay for a monthly Chewy delivery.

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