Question: is the reason people care about editing …

Question: is the reason people care about editing tweets instead of just deleting and re-posting that they don’t want to lose existing engagement numbers, and if so isn’t the real answer to get rid of engagement numbers. If it’s breaking the chain of interaction, then how about being able to delete and re-draft a tweet in a way that replaces the original with some “this tweet has been deleted and re-drafted” language, with the re-drafted tweet posted as an immediate reply to the original one? The direct chain would still be broken, but anyone looking back from a reply would get to the deletion message and its “attached” replacement. I feel like I typically see people concerned more about their likes and retweets, though.

ETA: What I wonder about versioning, I guess, is how you design it so that it’s clear that all replies prior to a change are not misrepresented as replies to the changed post. Can you design that in a way that’s not…cluttered beyind reason?

Author: Bix

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