So, this research from Orbit Media (via Andy McIlwain) should actually be read as a list of all the things we should ignore if we truly want to revive the blogosphere. The average length of time to write a blog post should not be three hours. It’s fine, of course, to take three hours to write a blog post, but on average? No. But the thing that really made me just want to sit around and headdesk for an hour or two is the figure labelled, “The least common blogging tactics are the most effective.” For one thing, fuck tactics. What we need from the indieweb is to rescue blogging from the marketing industry. Include more than ten photos per post? Write more than a dozen headlines? Research keywords? Collaborate with influencers on every post? What a hellscape. To paraphrase Bono for some reason: “This is a form the marketing industry stole from the bloggers. We’re stealing it back.” Just fucking blog.

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