January 2020

I’ve started reading Bridge 108 by Anne Charnock (a PDF proof through NetGalley); I’m still reading Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City by Richard Sennett; and I’ve finished reading Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan. I’ve finished seven 📚 so far this year, with thirteen waiting in my queue.

Oregon Zoo animals as seen by the Olympus XZ-1, shooting B&W with only crops and contrast adjustments in Lightroom.

It is freakishly pleasant in Portland this evening, after being a perfect mid-50s and overcast all day, so I spent an hour or so outside a coffeeshop reading and tinkering with the Olympus some more.

Well, at least we’ve got the California attorney general successfully delaying the sale of the .org domain registry to a private equity firm, amid questions such as the removal of price caps.

Trying to get myself into the right state of mind for Micro.blog’s photoblogging challenge, which for lack of a better phrase I’m dubbing FotoFebruary so that I can add a category for the posts the way I did for Microblogvember. Unlike that challenge, all the prompts have been posted in advance, but I’m going to try not to think about them too much until each day, or the day before. Also, I subscribed to Jason Burk’s calendar so that hopefully I don’t forget a day.

So, I did lug my Nikon and lenses with me in the backpack on the zoo trip today but I stuck with the old Olympus XZ-1 all day anyway. I shot all day on black-and-white, but played with the “art scene” settings on the commute home.

Interesting: Bookshop wants to be the place you buy your books online, supporting affiliated independent bookstores rather than Amazon. Orders are fulfilled via Ingram, and the involved bookstores get a share of the sales pool. Ebooks coming this spring.

It might be a need to shake something up in this politically and existentially depressing moment, or it might just be not having enough energy for the DSLR and lenses, but today I’m going to try a zoo trip with the old Olympus XZ-1 instead. It’s charging at the moment, and I think it will be done in time.

Will I be watching the coronation of King Donald I, today? No, I will be at Oregon Zoo. That is, if I can tamp down this existential hangover from yesterday. I can feel, from the inside, the expression of resignation my face is making this morning, like it’s not worth the effort or energy to move even facial muscles.


  1. Fighting with storage bins on a shelf, as things came cascading down all around me, I just screamed (not yelled, screamed), “Jesus fucking Christ! I’m so tired!” at the very, very top of my lungs.

Literally, I have a headache from weariness. I don’t think that’s on the list for either acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

“This is where democracy started,” proclaims Chidi Anagonye on the night both The Good Place and the American republic come to an end.

Somehow I managed to finesse my collapsing end-of-month budget to leave room for the requisite zoo-trip lattes, which means I will head there tomorrow in the overcast, high-50s weather even if it kills me.

Theoretically, everything I want to do in order to handle different numbers of images in a post is detailed or explained either here or there but for the life of me I’ve reached the limit of being able to follow even the story of the code, and for all my not being a programmer (yes, I know CSS isn’t programming, per se; I’m making a point), everything I’ve ever been able to accomplish is because I’ve been able to follow the story of the code and work from there to enough understanding to get a particular thing done. Not this time, it seems. I’m almost completely lost. This, too, is why I am at sea.


  1. For some ungodly and unfathomable reason, the information in that second link regarding the [element]:nth-last-child(6):first-child form is simply not working for me. It is not selecting the first element in a series of six elements.

Somewhat at sea. The inevitable rent-increase notification after the property on which I live was sold a few months back arrived today in the mail. Republicans are about to in effect codify that the President (as long as he’s Republican) can do whatever he likes in the service of his own reelection. Design stuff I was trying to figure out last night for the blog has reached a point just shy of where I need it to be but I don’t understand how to do anything more. Here insert any number of items from the long litany of things that are neither in place nor progressing. Sinking into myself, whoever that even is.

Portrait of the author making Google Street View again for the second or maybe even third time, in an image captured in May 2019.