The good: finally slept through the night without waking due to being unable to breathe enough through my nose for the first time in ages, but it did take 10-15 minutes of working with nasal saline and three different prescription sprays. The bad: this morning after making and eating breakfast, washing up, getting dressed, and tying my shoes, my back hurt, my shoulders ached, and I was out of breath. Then the coffeeshop didn’t tell me they were out of almond milk until after they’d rung me up and the bus was coming too soon for me to run to somewhere else and so my commute to the zoo was latte-free. Then at the zoo I realized it might have been a mistake not to have added a long layer under my pants. And of course I’m having trouble sufficiently breathing through my nose because I just didn’t have the energy this morning for another 10-15 minute session with saline and sprays.