With the morning’s unformed thoughts, I’m trying to get at the transition from multiple communities with their own cultures and norms to monolithic platforms with terms of service legalese, in a sense, I guess. While, for example, any given Mastodon instance has its own codes of conduct, you can’t form cohesive communities across, between, and amongst Mastodon instances. (Not to focus on Mastodon, because that’s not my point; it’s just an easy illustration because it’s both singular and plural: one platform but multiple, separate servers.) I want to see the marriage of social and/or blogging platforms to Usenet-style distributed communities. More than that, I want people to be able to participate in (meaning not just read but post) whatever, say, the modern equivalent might be to alt.tv.twin-peaks whether they are doing it from mastodon.social, friend.camp, micro.blog, or purely from a feed-reader.

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