Intermittently, I’ve been checking what people have been tweeting at Bluesky. Tonight I spotted people promoting Voice, which touts itself as “social as it should be”. I don’t really understand it. They’re constructing some sort of token system whereby as their posts are “liked” by other users posters accumulate the ability to “buy” further audience by cashing in those tokens. (In essence, the userbase itself becomes the “algorithm” which rewards posters, who then can use their tokens to push their “voice” even further?) They also claim they’ll be verifying the identities of anyone who wants to post rather than just read; it’s unclear how. When it comes to moderation, they simply declare support for “free speech” and say they’ll abide by applicable laws. Basically, all the pesky community-building stuff they’ll just figure out later on. As near as I can tell, they believe that simply requiring identity verification will solve most problems?

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