Not to go all-Bluesky-all-day here (and this would be a good place for to have some sort of live-blogging or “reply to self to update post” feature), but I suddenly remembered something David Gasca said to me in September that I wrote about at the time. In the wake of an epic Arielle Pardes thread from Twitter, Gasca asked what people would “build to improve conversations on Twitter” and the gist of my response was that “Twitter arguably at this point is just too big” and there needed to be a way to foster smaller, self-formed communities. Gasca’s response was one word: “Totally.” There’s no one-to-one correlation here but I find this an interesting moment, in that the Bluesky initiative—which at least makes noises about distributed social—must already have been percolating at the time.

ETA: Adi Roberston pulls on on this thread, and at least from what little has been said so far today, Jack appears to be talking about—and I mean this metaphorically not literally—a social media universe in which Twitter is like a Mastodon client, and you’d use Twitter if their flavor of algorithm suited you.

(Again, I don’t literally mean Twitter would be a Mastodon client; it’s just the easiest illustration of what Jack seems to be saying. We’ll see how he and other Twitter folk massage the message over the week.)


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