I was mathematically curious how much it would cost to move from Kindle to Kobo, combining device plus ebooks waiting to be read that I’d have to buy again. Noted for future reference: currently it’d be $99 for reader, $111 for books. Although technically not true, because I wouldn’t have to buy those books again; just read them on the Kindle until I’m through them all. So, really, just the device cost. I wanted to estimate the crazypants version of switching, and note it for possible someday later use. One drawback would be that Kobo still, all these years after launch, does not have a public wishlist so people can buy you books.

ETA: This really is part of my trying to figure out how to extricate myself from Amazon altogether. The problem is that it would require switching any movie rentals to, say, Apple, except that Apple TV only works on like five different Roku TV models and none of them are mine.

ETA: I’ve reminded myself, though, that I don’t really need Apple for movie rentals, as Roku has built-in rentals via Fandango. Mostly, I am trying to get off of Amazon except for doing like one month of Prime each year in order to binge any original TV shows there that I want to watch, just like I do with Hulu, or, now, CBS All Access.

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