Last week, leading up to the Democratic primary debate on MSNBC, a libertarian think tank ran an ad with all the hallmarks of a suburban scramble to Thanksgiving dinner—until the punchline: Instead of driving, the whole family rode scooters while hauling turkeys and pies to grandma’s house, triggered by the price of gas under the Green New Deal. In the commercial’s telling, this was a dystopian future. But couldn’t this be a future people actually want? This year, the overwhelming majority of the 55 million people traveling more than 50 miles for the holiday will be traveling by car, facing bumper-to-bumper traffic.

From CityLab Daily: The Lessons of Holiday Traffic Congestion by Andrew Small

Author: Bix

The unsupported use case of a mediocre, autistic midlife in St. Johns, Oregon —now with added global pandemic.