While we’re on the subject of public spaces (MacDouell even cited public libraries, where “you are a citizen who contributes to the animation of the space”), today I learned that the ballyhooed Hunters Point LIbrary has a serious accessibility flaw.

Bachner, who asked about accessibility during his visit, said the library’s offer to retrieve books misses the point.

“Browsing is part of the enjoyment of going to the library,” he said. He noted that the lack of access also precludes certain patrons from relaxing or reading in those areas, which are fitted out with chairs and charging stations, not to mention the dazzling waterfront views.

This is what happens when you think about urban architecture only from the standpoint of how it looks. Design is about function, too. Think about the cognitive impact of visiting a public library to find that the public they had in mind didn’t fully include you.

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