It’s probably time for another health update. Next month is the consult to discuss the lymph node questions mentioned in the last update and decide which ones to biopsy and what exactly those procedures will look like. That also will be the time for lab work to follow-up the “elevated decreased kidney function” found in the last round of tests.

After discussions with my urologist, we’ve increased the dosage on my Tamsulosin prescription.

Sometime in November, I need to get new scans to check the status of the gallbladder polyps that were found a few months ago but I was told that unless they were causing pain we would just monitor them.

All of this continues to push back trying to chase down my fatigue issues, although depending on what my lymph nodes say, some or all of the fatigue might have an explanation there.

Meanwhile, I continue to have absolutely no luck finding a therapist covered by my insurance who knows how to psychotherapize autistic people, let alone autistic adults specifically.

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