Welcome to bladder surgery day. Today’s agenda: “cystoscopy, bladder/diverticula biopsy, stone evacuation, left retrograde pyelogram, possible ureteroscopy/biopsy, possible stent”.

My ride to the hospital, through my insurance’s “non-emergency medical transport” service, comes at 4:40am, my check-in is 5:30am, and then I spend the next five days not leaving the apartment because I’m pretty sure I can’t handle being catheterized in public. Not just because of the feeling of being on display that’s part of my autism and anxiety, but because I’m going to need to be very aware of health signals from both body and brain this week, and so sensory inputs should be kept to a minimum. (This might not be true for all autistics; I am making an educated guess that it is true for me.)

As I’ve said elsewhere: should the hospital be attacked by aliens and destroyed while I am inside, my cats Meru and Willow should not be surrendered to any person or entity which would put them down. They must be adopted.