I’ve been focused on the “cementshake” nonsense because it’s important to hold the Portand Police Bureau’s feet to the fire on just casually handing profa an easy propaganda victory that will be impossible to rein back in, even if they later release a statement saying it was coconut flakes.

What I haven’t gotten into is the Andy Ngo assault, and lest I have to deal with the inevitable redcap conflation of my focus on the milkshake lies with support for assaulting Andy Ngo, let me dispense with that now.

Several things can be true at the same time.

Andy Ngo can be a profa propagandist and he can have been seriously assaulted and the concrete milkshake thing can be a lie.

None of these things are mutually exclusive.

(And, not for nothing, I suspect you will find more people on my end of the political spectrum than on theirs who are capable of accepting these three things in their heads simultaneously.)

My view would be that while throwing milkshakes and silly string is a proportional response to a profa propagandist and provocateur, throwing punches while wearing carbon fiber knuckle gloves not so much.

Even outside of any kind of moral argument, what did this assault get anyone? It gave profa a propaganda victory of the kind that sticking to milkshakes and silly string would not have done, and it got Andy Ngo, as of this writing, $114,000 on GoFundMe.

It got antifa exactly nothing.