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June 8, 2018

Yours was put in a nice box!:

Yours was put in a nice box! Mine’s just a long 4-page letter… and I asked for the abridged report.

I do have pages and pages of “Psychodiagnostic Evaluation”, this just photogenically appears toward the end. There’s also this nut graph: “Clinical evaluation and tests indicate that aspects of his functioning are impaired by his autism spectrum disorder, and related anxiety, cognitive and behavioral rigidity, deficits in social reciprocity, poor understanding and management of his own emotional and behavioral responses and his inability to tolerate distress, ambiguity and to engage in goal-directed behavior when he does not clearly see and agree with the method and purpose of the tasks and general direction of the activities.”

I actually don’t understand the follow feature on here.:

I actually don’t understand the follow feature on here. I never get notifications of anyone posting new stuff, so what’s the point?

I notice this issue with publications I follow. I have to just remember to check them periodically. Mostly I just do tag searches, which is cumbersome; you used to be able to follow tags, which was super helpful.

June 9, 2018

When Autistics get together MAGIC happens!:

But when we look at others, we (more often than not) find ourselves comparing our sense of self and understanding of the world with non-Autistics. We do not see a reflection of ourselves in the world. We see difference, and, at a very young age, that feels like rejection…

And the interesting thing about this for me is that since I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 46 the entirety of my life beforehand was stuck thinking I was just like everyone else, only I was really, really bad at it for no other reason than, apparently, I was just a failure. (Elsewhere I wrote about how I eventually found a stopgap set of self-care mechanisms via introversion, but they still were insufficient because that wasn’t my real situation.)

Why We Have To Stop Spreading False Messages When It Comes To Mental Illness and Therapy:

Each individual deals with their challenges in a specific way — and that means what works for you may not work for somebody else. It also means that if you’re not knowledgable about this sort of thing — you have to really mind your language and refrain from using words like “happy” — because for people like me — that’s not a realistically attainable emotion.

I’ve been tracking my state of mind via an app for the past few months (from Awful to Bad to Meh to Good to Great) and honestly I mostly find satisfaction if I hit reasonably-stable stretches of Meh.