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A Checklist Check-In

  1. Completed and submitted my combined Social Security Disability Insurance/Supplemental Security Income application online, although I still have to go into a Social Security office to submit additional material, because heaven forbid they let you upload PDFs to your actual application.

  2. Joined the fitness club that’s about to open up three blocks away from my apartment, so I can resume my old walking exercise, but on a treadmill, in air conditioning, and know for sure that I’ll have the energy to make it home, whenever I want, because it’ll be open twenty-four hours.

  3. Made an appointment with my new primary care physician, partly for the annual physical I didn’t do earlier this year because I was working, and partly to find out whether my fatigue issues have any physical basis or just are part of my particular autistic feature set.

  4. Succeeded in getting a response from a potential new psychotherapist covered by my insurance, by making an educated guess at their email address, and having them not even blink at my needing to use email as the first point of contact to increase my comfort level.